Summer 2024 ISSUE

An illustration of a brain with circuitry overlayed and geometric shapes floating in an amorphous space.
Coach Bill O'Brien laughing and holding a football.
Joe Quintanilla photographed in the pressroom at National Braille Press
An illustration of tegoprubart
Elizabeth Flock photographed in front of cactus and stonewall.
Photograph of the BC women's lacrosse players and coaching staff
Illustration of Maile Flanagan speaking into a microphone..
Melanie Cotta and Echo Panana photographed in the Hatchery maker space with Hue, a device they invented that identifies colors  for the visually impaired.
Photograph of the Harvey D. Egan, SJ in St. Mary's Chapel
Maggie Rulli photographed in front of the Parliment buildings in London.
Coach Greg Brown coaching on ice with players.
Craig Finn photographed seated on a couch.
Illustration of Mary Shrader flanked by video equipment preparing a meal in her home kitchen.
Miles Hester ’24 crosses a chalk drawn finish line on a trike with fellow student onlookers.
Photo of Sofia T. Romero
Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kristen Lappas standing together at premiere.